When to get your jewelry or watch appraised

If you have valuable jewelry or watches that are insured most insurance companies suggest that you have them re-appraised or the current appraisals re-examined (along with the items) to make sure that their condition and value have been documented by a qualified appraiser.  We clean, examine, photograph, measure, weigh, test, and document (in detail) each item we appraise.  By having this done your insurance company is more likely not to fight you when you have a claim.  I have been appraising for more than 45 years and appraisal methods and technology is constantly evolving.  As your appraiser I strive to update my knowledge, methods, equipment, and format to make sure that you are given the most up to date, accurate, and detailed appraisal that I can offer.   You are my client and my job is to accurately describe and to detail what you have so that your insurance coverage is right for you.  As a professional appraiser I am qualified to perform insurance appraisals, estate appraisals, and liquidation appraisals for all types of watches, gemstones, and jewelry. Appraisals should be redone or re-evaluated every 5 years or less.    I will happily guide you and answer questions about appraisal costs and which of your treasures should be appraised and which may not benefit you to appraise. Providing you with professionally prepared and accurate appraisals are an important part of giving you (my customer) SERVICE-SERVICE-SERVICE.  Call or go online to make an appointment to talk with me about your appraisal needs.   

What type of Jewelry/Watch appraisal is best for you.

Yes, there are different types of appraisals for your jewelry and this should explain some things so that you (and your appraiser) can help determine which is best for your needs. 

Insurance or replacement value appraisal

The most common kind of jewelry/watch appraisal is done mainly for insurance purposes. The jewelry value determined at the end of the appraisal is called the retail replacement value. During the course of creating your appraisal your professional uses information gathered directly, from manufacturers, industry databases, and from market sources to determine (in their professional opinion) how much it may cost for you or your insurance company to replace the jewelry if something happened to it.  This appraisal value may be higher than a fair market value due to factors such as the potential material and labor costs needed to replace or remanufacture the item when there is a loss.  Appraisals should be revisited and updated at least every 5 years or less. 

Fair Market Value Appraisal

This type of appraisal determines the value of what you could expect when selling your jewelry (at retail) or what you can value when making a charitable donation. This takes into account the current condition of your jewelry and is determined based on the current market condition along with polling the secondary market for similar pieces that are pre-owned and what prices they have sold for. 

Liquidation Value, Bankruptcy, Divorce or Estate Appraisal

A liquidation value appraisal is primarily used in more urgent circumstances.  This type of appraisal will always be far lower than the Insurance replacement or fair market replacement value.  This type of appraisal is often used to determine the distribution value of jewelry or watches that are being realized for an estate sale following a sudden death, or in the case of a divorce.  At Jewelry & Timepiece Mechanix we have more than 45 years of knowledge and experience appraising for our retail clients, estates, liquidator, and attorneys.  Please contact us if you require an honest and trusted appraiser.  We understand that appraisals, although important, can be stressful (depending on the circumstances they are needed for) so we will take every care to take you through the process as comfortably and compassionately as possible.