Should your jewelry be inspected regularly?

Jewelry, when made right, is designed for a lifetime of wearing pleasure.  Even when something is made well it requires maintenance.  Your body, your car, your home all require preventive and reactive maintenance and so does your jewelry.  One way to make sure that your jewelry will last is to bring them to your trusted jeweler and have it cleaned and inspected.  A trained professional jeweler will check your gemstones for damage and will examine the settings to make sure your diamonds and gems are secure.  In addition, you should ask your jeweler how to maintain and check your items while they are at home.   Doing your own examination is as important as having a professional look over your item.  Teamwork is what makes the relationship between your jeweler and you so special.  As a jeweler I want to make you happy and one way that I do that is to offer you SERVICE-SERVICE-SERVICE along with honest advice and information to help you save your hard earned money and treasured jewelry.  Please feel free to call the store or to make an appointment to see me.  I’d love to be your very personal jeweler.