Water Resistance Service for your Watch? 

Is this service necessary?

Some watches are made to a higher water (and dust) resistance than others.  When a customer comes in for a battery or for a service on one of these fine timepieces they often say “I don’t go into water with my watch so I don’t need to have the gaskets and water resistance testing!”  

My answer is – Maybe not. 

However when a watchmaker decides to do only part of the job are they giving you and your watch good service?  

My answer is  – Unequivocally NO!  

When you bring your treasured and trusted watch in for service you should expect it to be repaired or restored to the original factory standards (or as close as is possible).  Without the proper water resistance service you’re left with the question – Did your watchmaker decide not to do anything else that could have been crucial?  

As a watchmaker when I take on a job for you I will do what is needed to maintain the highest standards.  I’m proud of the work that I do and I back all my major services with a written warranty.  When I service your timepiece you can be assured that your watch will continue to serve you as the manufacturer intended.