Birthing gifts or “push prizes” may be inappropriate names…it’s the thought that counts!

Having a baby is an exciting time!  How can you thank someone for the 9 month construction project they go through and for the incredible gift that you both get from it?   Let’s face it.  Most men aren’t terribly good at emotional expression and we don’t often show our most sensitive side – but that doesn’t mean we don’t have one.

When we do show our gratitude and sensitivity it’s often done in a “tangible” non-verbal way.  Before you go medieval on me about being misogynistic, sexist, gender or relationship biased let me add that this applies to some same sex partners too.  Isn’t humanity amazing, indefinable and wonderfully confusing?  There’s no need to answer the question – it’s mostly rhetorical.  We’re all confused and amazed and that’s just right. 

Anyway, loving someone and in gratitude for such an enormous and magical gift as a new human life some will go the extra mile to buy, or have made, a special gift that can be worn as a glittering memory of a milestone that changed the trajectory of all the lives around them.  As a jeweler for over 50 yrs. I try to ask the giver about the person who will receive the gift to make sure that it not only fits them physically but is a great fit for their personality.  Whether it’s expensive or just sentimental, I love helping with these kinds of gifts because it means that, if only tangentially, I get to share in the magic.   Thank you for each milestone you’ve allowed me to share and the joy of having you, my customer, as part of my extended family.  It’s been a great ride and I hope there’s more.